Official Trinity Exams

The Trinity exams are approached in a different way than the Cambridge or EOI exams. Their exams are based on the oral part, although depending on the title we choose, we will also have to examine ourselves from the written part.

Triniry English Test

If you are only looking for a degree that guarantees your oral English proficiency (for example for jobs facing the public, or to get the B1 for university degrees), it is indisputable that you are more interested in a Trinity GESE degree. So the classes focus on the oral part, and you will only have an oral exam that will certify that your level is that.

The Trinity exams are tests that grant official titles of English recognized worldwide through the Trinity College London, organism founded in 1877, and that turns out to be the first examining committee of the world in reference to oral exams in our country.

There are already many preparation centres that are certified as Trinity Centres. The qualification obtained by this body is recognized by the educational sector, universities and companies both nationally and internationally.

Trinity London College accredits your level of English with two main types of examinations, the ISE examinations and the GESE examinations.

Table of equivalences of ISE exams according to the levels of the Common European Framework of Languages.

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