Travel to Ireland

Travelling to Ireland

Living with a family integrated into the educational system makes the Celtic culture an unforgettable experience and will improve your level of English remarkably.

Why travel to Ireland?

Ireland is a beautiful place that falls in love with its green landscapes (such as the Giants' Causeway in Belfast), its spectacular cliffs (such as the cliff of Moher in Galway), and waterfalls, which can be enjoyed with organized coastal routes. This region is characterized, from the origin of history, by the mystic Celtic culture. All places have a Celtic touch as well as the inhabitants themselves. To match this mystical atmosphere, Ireland has many castles that have remained for centuries.

Travelling to Ireland to study English

The peculiarity of Ireland is that it is one of the best places to favour the linguistic immersion of the Anglo-Saxon language, given that the flow of Spanish-speaking tourists is much less than other more frequented places such as London or America, where you can practically speak Spanish in any corner. On the other hand, the Irish have their own language, Gaelic, and their speech is more melodic and easily understandable. In addition, Ireland offers excellent quality programs for foreign students who intend to study English, whose results are tremendously satisfactory for the student's evolution and his or her fluency with speech.