Translation Services

The importance of quality in translation and interpretation. The translated texts and their interpretation have a direct influence on people's student and work fields.

There is a great tendency to literally follow what is in another language, without interpreting adequately, with the help of translators and forgetting the peculiarities of the language in question, so that more or less serious mistakes are made, and meaningless expressions or nonsense are even used. The world of translation is very complex, and many times we do not realize the work involved in translating an extensive text. Anyone who knows two languages can translate a text more or less from one language to another, but is it really that easy to do good translations? Is someone a translator just because they know two languages? A good translation must convey the same content of the source text to the target language for the translation to have the same effect.

Translation of technical-professional agendas

Simultaneous translation for talks and events

Translation of technical-professional subjects Translation of projects and university works