Psychopedagogical Cabinet

Psychopedagogical Cabinet

Many people need to be guided and oriented throughout their academic life until the beginning of their professional life.

On a good professional support depends that many children and young people obtain success to overcome each course, according to the personal trajectory, in the professional formation or university studies. The support work and experience of different professionals understand these objectives as an important part for many children and adolescents, who with an adequate Psychopedagogical Attention Program manage to develop capacities and strengthen important characteristics such as autonomy, being a fundamental pillar to guarantee a school adaptation, avoid social conflicts and comply with academic demands within an educational area. All students have their own specific educational needs according to their learning experiences, which require individualized pedagogical attention. Adequate support can offer comfort to disabilities of psychic, motor or sensory origin, capacities or talents superior to those of the majority, among others, which can provoke social inequalities difficult to bear, and for this reason the Infant, Primary and Secondary Education centres are obliged to apply this principle in order to help the students. Our Psychopedagogical support services are useful and serve as guidance in the student stage, thus contributing to the elimination of all forms of discrimination. Through democratic pluralism, tolerance in acceptance and respect for differences, barriers and limitations of all kinds can be overcome.


Professional Orientation


Academic Reinforcement


Learning Study Techniques


Academic Reinforcement


Assistance to the TDH through the AMHIDA Association


Support to overcome problems of studies or school environment


Support to overcome problems of studies or school environmentLanguage learning for the hearing impaired through ASPAS