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We maintain a very close relationship with our students in order to determine clear and achievable objectives, tailored to the needs of Classes as presential, Semipresential and Online.

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Flexibility Hours Monday to Friday from 10h to 22h

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Expert faculty with effective methodologies

Free test preparation with level tests and simulations

A quality service Training for Companies, Professionals and Individuals

Variety of Technical Language Courses for multiple professional sectors

Free exam preparation with level tests and simulations Unconditional support for students with Pedagogical support and Guidance

A quality service Training for Companies, Professionals and Individuals Courses for all ages and all levels (A2, A1, B1, B2, C1 and C2)

Examination Center with multiple calls; so you can conveniently schedule the most appropriate date.

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Language Classes One to One

If your goal is to improve your level of English in the shortest possible time for professional reasons or to take an official exam in the short term to obtain a degree that accredits your level, one of the best options is to opt for our One to One classes.

Language Classes Mini Groups

They are a small group to learn languages in a more dynamic and real way. The good thing about small group English classes is that you don’t cut yourself when it comes to expressing yourself. Often what fails in the academies is just the number of students who give the class.

Language Classes Semi-presential and On-Line

It is a relatively comfortable and new form of learning, it refers to the combination of learning with the help of online materials and traditional learning in a group with a teacher. The student works autonomously, but is supported by the group and the tutor.

Language Classes for Companies

We prepare each employee within the company or in our academies according to their needs. Our teachers will travel to your company or the workers will come to our academies on the days and at the times agreed upon.