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DELE Spanish diplomas are official titles accrediting the degree of competence and mastery of the Spanish language, awarded by the Instituto Cervantes on behalf of the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training of Spain.

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The laws for the granting or acquisition of Spanish nationality for Sephardic originating in Spain or for residents in Spain, respectively, establish among the necessary requirements that applicants must pass a test of constitutional and socio-cultural knowledge of Spain (CCSE).

The Instituto Cervantes directs, designs and administers both the CCSE test and the DELE Spanish diplomas, which are awarded on behalf of the Spanish Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport. They are exempt from taking the CCSE and DELE examinations:

Persons with judicially modified capacity.

Children under 18 years of age.

In addition, in the case of the DELE, nationals of countries in territories where Spanish is the official language are exempt. They may also be exempted from taking the DELE and CCSE examinations, provided that they are accredited and approved by the Ministry of Justice:

The illiterate people

People with judicially modified capacity. People with learning difficulties.

People who have been educated in Spain and have passed compulsory secondary education.

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