Extra-school services and Parents' School.

Languages Schools collaborates with Schools and Institutes through its AMPA carrying out the "NATIONAL SCHOOL PROJECT" which aims to promote the Official Exams within the educational scope of the school.

In this way, we support Bilingualism by increasing the level of second language interaction among young people. The Linguistic Immersion Projects in English or French language started, develop in the students in an extra school way:

Reinforcement and improvement of the level acquired in the school.

Learning by living the language more than a subject

Fun based on real communication between students with classes that encourage interest in languages.

Teachers who generate curiosity for languages.

Improvement of the pronunciation of the language.

Outstanding knowledge and skills for a better future both personally and professionally.

Comply with the level established according to the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR).

Preparation to obtain the Official degree of International Universities recognized in more than 24 countries.

The families associated to Ampas of IES and CEIPS that work with LSchools get a 60%Dto on the monthly payment of the Language classes, below the market price for this type of Formative Services.

Parent School for AMPAS

Languages Schools provides pedagogical orientation services through the following free talks as an essential support for the CEIP and IES Parents’ School.

Talks in CEIP

Common problems:
Study and work habits
Personal Hygiene
Mobile Phone Utility
Going from primary to secondary: How to approach this stage change?
How to educate them for affective development and self-esteem: Enhancing self-confidence.
Hygiene and responsibility habits: To promote autonomy and independence.

Talks in IES

Sex Education and Adolescence: Sexual Identity
Addictions: Consumption of alcohol and other drugs
Study Techniques and Responsible Work Habits: Organizing Time
Orientation to studies and professions
Bullying: Causes, how not to participate, how to approach and detect it, …
Anorexia and bulimia